So I want to share with you something that has probably changed my life more than just about anything else that I’ve learned and that is that

THIS MOMENT that you are experiencing right now

is the most important place that you can be.


Now I’ll explain that.


There was one day that I was struggling.

I was going through a really hard time.
I hated my job,
I felt distant from friends,
and I was going through some depression.

On this day I literally went and looked in the mirror and said out loud,

“I wish I had any Kurtis except the Kurtis that I’ve got right now.”

Now, what I meant by that was that I was constantly thinking about the Kurtis from college, like 10 years ago.

This Kurtis was fun,
and outgoing,
and adventurous,
and full of awe and wonder at all the possibilities that lay before him.


OR, I was thinking about the Kurtis from 10 years in the future.

This Kurtis is successful.
This Kurtis has made it in life
and he’s finally happy
because all of his dreams have come true.

And thinking about those two different versions of Kurtis, I literally said

“Any Kurtis but the one in front of me would be better.”


And I know that sounds pretty sad but I think that this is a reality for a lot of us in that we are constantly living in the regrets of the past, or in the dreams and aspirations for the future,

and we forget to be present to this moment that we have right now.

And the reason that’s a problem is because growth only happens in this moment.


The past doesn’t exist.

10 years from the future doesn’t exist.


All that exists, in all of reality, is this moment right now.


So what are you going to do with it?


Are you going to miss this moment because you’re constantly thinking about where you wish you were?

Or are you going to miss this moment because you’re constantly living in the regrets of where you should have been by now?

Or are you going to look in the mirror,
embrace the person that you have in front of you,
take full advantage of this moment,
and experience all that life has to give you right now?

I don’t care if you’re sitting on a couch watching tv,
or if you’re stuck in a job that you can’t stand,
or if you’re still in school and you’re sick of it.

Wherever you are, this moment is the only opportunity that you have for growth and for life.


So I want to encourage you to start paying attention to this moment and start being present to it so that you can experience the life that everything in this world has to offer you, and so that you can start making steps towards the person you want to become.

For me, being present started with five minutes on a park bench.

I set my alarm on my phone,
turned it on do not disturb,
and for five minutes I did nothing
but just live with the world around me.

I wasn’t trying to solve any problems.
I wasn’t thinking about my to-do list.
I wasn’t scrolling through instagram.

I just sat for five minutes.

And y’all it felt like forever, but I did that day after day after day, and now it’s become natural to me.


It’s like learning an instrument!

I’m learning the cello right now and day after day I scratch the wrong strings, and it sounds terrible and it hurts my dog’s ears, but I keep doing it.

And day after day i’m getting better.


So, how are you practicing being present to this moment?


If you’re not, I want to encourage you to do that today.

Put down your phone.
Put down your laptop.

Wherever you are, spend five minutes just being present to the world around you and to the life that you have right now,
and to the person that you are right now.

Because you are incredible and you are going to become more,

but you only do it by being in this moment right here RIGHT NOW.


So, I want to encourage you to do that right now and I promise your life will be better because of it.


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