It’s time to move forward

and live a life connected

to love, peace, and purpose


How can a Life Coach help you?


  • experience more peace in life
  • find purpose in your career or pursuits
  • discover your calling
  • mend or enhance relationships
  • deepen your spiritual journey
  • and much, much more

As with everything I do, I believe that Love Perfects Us.


I lead all my sessions as a spiritual life coach with love, grace, and a listening ear. My first priority is to give you a place where you feel free to be 100% you and know you are 100% accepted, giving you the support you need to start making important, valuable changes in your life!

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life coaching testimonials

“Kurtis connects with people whether

he knows them well or not.

He loves all and he loves well.”

– Ariana   

“In the time I’ve spend with Kurtis I have heard countless words of wisdom. I can honestly call him the most qualified person to speak into my life.”

– Joel   

“Kurtis’ passion and vision for people

is authentic, humble, and marked

by lovingkindness.”

 – Carleigh   

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