Young Adult
Life Coaching

Adulting is HARD!

And school definitely doesn’t prepare you for it. Young Adult Life Coaching is the best way to gain the confidence and courage to crush life after school!



Why Life Coaching?

Life after school is a really difficult time for most.

It often includes:

  • Shitty jobs working as a peon for someone else dream.
  • Boring social life because all your friends have moved.
  • Difficult marriages or a limited dating pool (not to mention constant ghosting!)
  • Slowly (or quickly) gaining weight because who has motivation for the gym?
  • Little to no time to do the things you love.
  • No idea or confidence in how to pursue your dreams!

How Life Coaching Helps You! 

Young Adult Life Coaching is helping millions of young adults in the following ways and more:


  • ACTUAL, practical advice for how to thrive in the working world
  • Confidence and tips to boost your social life
  • Healthy practices for meaningful relationships and healthy marriages
  • Strengths-focused steps to pursue your biggest dreams!
  • A knowledgeable companion in your corner to constantly encourage and support you in your growth!

See what young adults are saying about kurtis’ life coaching

Kurtis connects with people whether he knows the well or not. He loves all, loves well, and helps everyone.

– Ariana

Kurtis' passion and vision for people is authentic, humble, and invaluable. His help has changed my life.

– Carleigh

I can honestly call Kurtis the most qualified person to speak into my life

– Joel

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