Nearly two years ago, a good friend of mine came to me and said,


“What have you been writing lately?”


I admitted that I hadn’t been writing. I was too overwhelmed by all the things I wanted to write about.


To which he said,

“Ok, so write a book.”


At this point, I was very afraid of that idea so I gave him an excuse and said,


“There’s just so much I want to write and talk about with people, how do you pick???”


His response was simple:


“Write a lot of books then. But you have to start with one, get it done, and move to the next.”


Then he said the most impactful, simple thing he’s ever said to me:


“You are a writer. Start writing.”


And I did.


And after months of writing, after more months of editing, after a WHOLE LOT of learning new things I have never seen, heard of, or tried, and after posting preview articles for the last several weeks…






Giving Up Sunday:

Looking for more from faith, community, and calling




Sunday, September 9th



And to kick things off, I am giving it away for free!


It will only be free for a limited time, and this is not the weeks, months, or every other day kind of limited time. For just a couple of days I will offer it completely free, so make sure you download it as soon as it hits the digital shelves!


Many of you have commented that you want to purchase it as a way to support me and encourage my work. For that, I must say “WOW! Thank you!!!”

If you have resolved that you will pay for the book let me ask you to do two things:


1.   On Sunday, download it so you can read, rate, and review it. This will GREATLY help spread the word and make it more searchable on Amazon.


2.   Tell your friends who love free stuff and send them to the page so they can download it too!


Of course, I have goals for this book. We are shooting for 100 reviews on Amazon the first week and I would love if it went viral and made a huge impact on our world.


But that’s not the point.


The ultimate goal is to get people talking, connecting, and moving forward in this journey that I believe all humans long for; the journey for honest faith, close community, and a sense of deep purpose for our lives. So Sunday morning I will see you and all of your friends on to download my book and

get this journey started!