Life Coaching for

teens, college, & young adults


I LOVE seeing people smile.

That’s why I become a life coach.
To help people live HEALTHY, HAPPY, and HELPFUL lives.

As your life coach I will help you navigate life’s big transitions like college, marriage, and career while growing personally in your self-confidence, social life, and sense of purpose.

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“With countless words of wisdom,
I can honestly call him the most qualified person to speak into my life.”

– Joel Buford
Student & Youth Minister

Kurtis listens so well. And you know when he’s with you that he is for you. He always has wisdom that I need

– Ariana
Certified Educator; The Parenting Cottage

Kurtis’ perspective helps me realize I’m not alone in my struggles. He’s full of acceptance, kindness, and really great advice.

– Kali
Restaurant Manager

Kurtis is the wisest person I know. He is loving and kind. He has always made me feel like I can do anything, and I can!

– Aurora
College Student
Kurtis brings a posture of openness, a gift for listening, a genuine care, and an ability to help clients untangle areas of thought/life.
Alex Whitaker
Alex Whitaker
Kurtis is one of the few people to have ever made me feel completely seen and understood. He is wise beyond his years, authentic, and passionate. These are just a few of the things that make him an incredible life coach. He is someone you want on your team and someone you need to help walk you through life. I highly recommend reaching out to him and considering him as your life coach!
Ariana Oglesby
Ariana Oglesby
Kurtis is a great listener, passionate and caring towards the people he encounters. He listens to what the client wants and embraces new ideas.
Macy Waltz
Macy Waltz
Kurtis is a wise voice, a great listener and offers a new and fresh perspective to whatever is going on. He is dedicated to letting others grow and cultivating a presence where they can grow and learn gracefully.
Lauren Hughs
Lauren Hughs
Kurtis has a wealth of experience, especially at a relatively young age. He is able to relate to younger people in a way that helps guide them through the difficulties that life can sometimes throw at them. I have found him to be incredibly honest, trustworthy, and relatable. He is not afraid to say what needs to be said, even if it may be hard to hear. In the complicated world in which we live, most of us (all of us?) could use a consistent voice to help us navigate. Kurtis is one of those voices. I would highly recommend him as a life coach!
Dave Drake
Dave Drake
Kurtis is very professional and offers practical tools to help navigate difficult questions and seasons of life. Kurtis communicates understanding and compassion. I definitely recommend reaching out to him if you’re looking for a life coach.
Rachael Montgomery
Rachael Montgomery
Kurtis is so kind, accepting, and real!! If I could give more than 5 stars, I would! He is seriously one of the best mentors, friends, and life coaches anyone could ask for. 🙌
Elaina Thomas
Elaina Thomas
Kurtis has been great for us. He has coached our young people as well as our adult leaders from 18-60 years old. He connects so well with anyone (even those that are difficult for other to connect with) and does a great job helping them make their own choices to grow and mature. Couldn’t recommend him more.
Ragamuffin Students
Ragamuffin Students
Kurtis is so amazing and is wise beyond his years.I have so many good experiences with him and his advice is helpful and applicable.
george buchanan
george buchanan
Kurtis Vanderpool just gets people. He understands their struggles and provides helpful and useful skills that can be applied in almost any situation. He genuinely cares about those he helps and has such a heart for people. He has helped me through a lot and has been a guiding hand in who I am today. To this day, I can talk to Kurtis about anything. Anyone looking life coach/mentor should strongly consider Kurtis Vanderpool. It is a decision you won't regret.
Luke Blackmon
Luke Blackmon

Life Coaching designed to help you navigate big transitions like 


  • Work through negative influences.
  • Get clarity on your calling
  • Build healthier relationships
  • Gain confidence in yourself
  • Develop beneficial habits
  • Improve your social & spiritual life
  • Gain peace for whatever live brings
  • Trust what the future holds
  • Move forward with your dreams
  • Kick some ass and take some names!
Life Coaching Price - 1 Session

Life Coaching Packages - 4 Sessions

Life Coaching Packages - 8 Sessions

Why Life Coaching?

How to Become Happier - Kurtis Vanderpool Life Coach

Life coaching is a solution-focused approach to living the life you were meant for.

Unlike counseling, life coaching doesn’t dwell too much on the past but focuses on where you are now, and sets you up for a better future.

You have all you need to be healthy, happy, and helpful.

Life coaching focuses on your strengths and teaches you proven techniques to grow in confidence and knowledge about how to move forward.

Start feeling good about yourself!

Get a workable plan to move toward your dreams!

Start your life today!

Let’s be honest. Life can kinda suck sometimes.

I get it. I went from being a world traveler, certain about my spiritual beliefs, plenty of friends, and a bright future, to feeling stuck in my hometown, tired, stressed, and unsure of everything in my life.

My job sucked.

My social life sucked.

My dreams and beliefs were fading faster than my physical health!

But I learned how to turn it around and am living a life I never dreamed of, thanks to my mentor and life coach.

Life’s still hard a lot of the time, but at the end of the day I feel like I’m moving forward. I’m happy, I love my family, I have deep friendships, and I love what I do.

75% of people say they wish they had someone they could talk to about the struggles of life. 

I had a life coach and it changed everything.
So I want to be that for you.