Life Coaching

One on One Coaching Options

One on One Coaching is designed to give you the most impact for your time and money.

I was always the person that performed to the absolute best of my ability…when I had a coach. Once I was on my own, I was terrible at being disciplined to take care of myself, my responsibilities, and to pursue the life I really wanted.

So, eventually I got sick of falling short in my goals and basically hating myself, so I hired a life coach and started one on one coaching. He changed my life from our very first meeting. Now I get to do this for hundreds of others!

My life coaching services are designed to work for you, at your own pace. We can meet once and only when you need it, or you can purchase a life coaching package, get to work, and save some money in the process. We can meet weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or when you need it, and can meet in public, in my office, over the phone, or over a video call.

Whatever you are needing, I am here to help you identify barriers, believe in yourself, and create repeatable practices that teach you how to be your own coach and live the life you really long for.

Text Message Coaching! – $179/mo

Daily Text Messages
One face-to-face check-in coaching session every month

Life coaching when you need it.
With our popular Text Message Coaching, you can text Kurtis any time you need him and expect at least one response daily (excluding Sundays and Holidays). Plus one face-to-face coaching session every month to check in, set goals, and move forward!