Why are we doing this?

Why talk about loneliness, the shortcomings of churches, and our own personal struggles with hurts, habits, and hang-ups?

Why talk openly about faith, community, and purpose? After all, that’s a huge can of worms.

Simple; because life is too hard.

In my many years of vocational ministry and many more years of people watching & engaging in honest conversation, I have seen far too much pain. I don’t mean the “shit happens” pain either. Everyone goes through very painful things far beyond their control.

I have seen too much pain in the eyes and hearts of people that are trying to get it right.

People that go to church, small groups, or other support-based organizations. People that work very, VERY hard at their jobs, their social lives, and their family dynamics. People that read their bibles, talk to someone they trust, and try to pray the best way they know how.

I have seen too many of these people consumed by fear, anger, hurt, frustration, bitterness, anxiety, and feelings of complete isolation. Eventually, they give up, or live with the feeling that there is just something wrong with them; something that no one else experiences. They feel like they’re cursed and no one, not even the God of Jesus can or wants to save them.

This is why we are doing this. Because life is too hard

And there is a better way.

If we want to beat the curse;

if we want to discover that we are not, in fact, alone and that people all over the world know exactly what we’re feeling;

If we want to quit just talking about a meaningful faith, a loving God, true community, and living out a real purpose for our lives;

if we want to actually live these things out

It’s going to take work.

Hard work.

So this is where we’re going:

We will not only talk about these things. If I only discuss the problems and hint at opportunities for real change, then I am nothing but clanging cymbals in an already cacophonous world vying for your attention and your wallet.

We will walk together through some very difficult, sometimes some seemingly counter-productive challenges to our beliefs, through some terrifying, world-altering paradigm shifts, and some spiritual and personal practices, that when committed to together really can lead to joy, peace, patience, kindness, and goodness for our lives.

Are you willing to do the work?

If you are not, this blog will be an interesting headline on your Sunday morning readings. And that will be nice.

But if you are, it will alter the direction of your journey. It will lead you toward struggle and hardship, but it will also bring a joy within you that cannot be touched, twisted, or taken from you by anyone ever.

Over the next few weeks, I will begin by posting some articles about the current system of church that most of us have grown accustomed to, starting with this one titled, I Think, Therefore I Am.

These articles will challenge the way we view faith, community, and God’s plan for our world. They will not all be easy to adhere to. I believe that is why scripture says we have to die to ourselves and be renewed in our mind (Luke 9:23, Romans 12:2).

These articles are brief summaries of the things I cover in my book, Giving Up Sunday: Looking for more from faith, community, and calling, available now in eBook format on Amazon. For a more in-depth look at these discussions of faith, community, and purpose, I invite you to check that out!

And if you would like to get it for free, simply give me your email by subscribing to this blog! I will also be selling it on Amazon, and it would help me spread the hope for a better way if once you read it you go to my Amazon page, rate, and review it so more people might be drawn to a better way of life together with us.

We are doing this for you; for the ones who feel on the outside looking in.

and we are doing this for others who feel like you do, so they won’t be alone in their struggle.

Thank you all for taking this journey with me; for being an invaluable part of the Unsettled family, and for doing your part to bring more joy, peace, and belonging not only to yourselves but to a hurting world around us.

I love you all. I sincerely do.

See you on the inside.