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As a Certified Life Coach, I help people live healthier, happier, and a more helpful lives. 
My Life Coach Blog is a series of posts about simple ways to create a happier life. 

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Simple Ways to Be Happier 5: Meditate

  Simple Ways to Be Happier #5: Meditate   Simple ways to be happier...Meditate. Meditation is a big word with a lot of misunderstandings surrounding it. Basically, everybody uses it but nobody knows what it means.   Now, when I say "meditate" I'm not saying...

Simple Ways to Be Happier 4: Drink More Water Simple Ways to Be Happier #: Drink More Water   Simple ways to be happier…drink more water.    I know everyone says it. I know we're tired of hearing it.  I know if you're like me you start trying to drink water...

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