Text + Video Chat – Life Coaching Subscription

$175.00 / month with 1 month free trial and a $130.00 sign-up fee

The best of both worlds! Meet with your coach face-to-face without losing the consistency of texting! With our most popular option, you will meet with your coach over video chat 2x per month to go over your personal development and uncover any other limitations in your life. Plus, with Daily Texting, your coach will always be on hand (or in your palm) to help you with timely advice to move forward!

Get the best of both worlds at a 20% markdown with the Text & Video Chat Life Coaching Subscription!
Your first month is 25% off making this a steal at $130 for the first month!

Some common topics of conversation include:

  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • Confidence building
  • Boundaries and self-care
  • Relationship struggles
  • Career goals and strategy
  • Healthy work relationships
  • People pleasing
  • Making a plan and seeing growth
  • Adulting 101 (bills, finances, etc.)


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