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As an added bonus, I’m offering a one-time-only coaching call with me for only


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For $29 I will meet with you face-to-face or over video chat. On this call you will be able to:

  • Ask any questions you like
  • Get valuable Life Coaching and/or Spiritual Direction
  • Discuss practices tailored to your unique personality and lifestyle
  • Anything else that you may be needing!


“Kurtis connects with people whether he knows them well or not. He loves all and he loves well.

Ariana Oglesby

The Parenting Cottage

Kurtis’ passion and vision for people is authentic, humble, and marked by lovingkindness.”

Noel Bryant

Vineyard Church Pastor

“In the time I’ve spend with Kurtis I have heard countless words of wisdom. I can honestly call him the most qualified person to speak into my life.”

Joel Buford

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church

“Kurtis has an uncanny ability to make you laugh and think deeply in the same moment.

Al Martin

Texas Tech Wesley Foundation

[wpecpp name=”Bonus Coaching Call” price=”29″ align=”center”]

This is a ONE TIME OFFER so take advantage and get me face-to-face for only


[wpecpp name=”Bonus Coaching Call” price=”29″ align=”center”]

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