This passage from Matthew 18 has caused a fair bit of consternation within me..

or maybe it just gave me gas.

How could God–the God that I have personally experiences as all-loving, all-forgiving, and all-patient–how could she possibly tell us to kick someone out of our lives?

How could the God who forgives 70 x 7 (infinitely) now be telling us to give people only 3 chances before they’re kicked to the curb, and treated like garbage?

It didn’t sit well with me.


Then one day, I decided to ask him about it.


His reply was simple,


“How do I treat pagans and tax-collectors?”


I’ll tell you.


He dined with them.
He touched them when that made him “unholy”
He said they had greater faith than all of Israel.
He lovingly asked them to follow him and be his closest friends.
He showed them, day in and day out, that they were so much more than everyone else told them they were.

They were more than they believed about themselves.

So, when someone sins against me and refuses to humbly join me in reconciliation, what shall I do?


Love the shit out of them.


I will work to show them they are more beautiful and precious than they can see in themselves.


Everything is about Love.

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