The biggest difficulty of trusting God is being able to recognize the difference between God himself, and the idea of or beliefs about God.

So many people think they are trusting God when in actuality they only trust their own ability to understand and to perform.

When we put our trust in our beliefs about God, we end up putting God in a very small box of our own understanding. And when we face a season of life or a tragic event that destroys our belief system, we either slip into blind denial for the sake of our beliefs, or we crumble completely and forfeit relationship.

The truth is, trusting God means you may have certain beliefs, and you may desire to “do” well in life, but anytime those beliefs get in the way of relationship,

relationship always wins out.

It means holding your beliefs loosely, at least, any belief other than God loves you and is for you.

Your beliefs ABOUT God are not God.

They are guides to God; guides which eventually need to be left behind and traded for new guides when they come to the end of their purpose.

Don’t let your beliefs, or your effort to become holy, or your efforts to join God’s mission become the main thing.

Relationship is the main thing.

It is the only thing.

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